Connect with your audience through authentic storytelling.



RockitWorks is a full-service social media marketing and strategy company.


We want to collaborate with you! When you hire us, we become a part of your team. We integrate our agency experience with your business strategy to create custom content for your social media platforms.


We provide:


  • Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Content Planning

  • Social Media Content Creation

  • Video Production/Creation/Editing

  • Posting/Scheduling/Channel Management

Collaboration is key. You bring your business expertise, your key marketing messages and details about your ideal client or target audiences and we’ll create a customized plan for your specific business.


Stop wondering how to reach your online audience, let us help!

"We are a team of social media experts who eat, sleep and breathe social strategy and content. When we’re not creating world-class social media, we’re probably dreaming about it."


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"When we work together, we’re about living your brand, knowing the needs of your customers, and creating content that counts and connects."


Sara Girard

Founder, CEO, Social Strategist

Sara has worked for decades on successful campaigns with authentic, audience-focused storytelling. Massachusetts born, with a Seattle address, she brings boldness in her communication style and a customer focused perspective to your social media.


Christine Mitchell

Social Media Content & Creative Manager

Christine is a creative genius and has been rocking social media management for the past 6 years. What she loves about social marketing is that you don’t have to be or do one thing, which allows her to become a jack-of-all trades in social marketing and creative design. She is a SoCal native, who currently resides in Los Angeles, when she isn’t too busy being awesome at work, you can find her at the beach or going to some wacky LA event to share her awesomeness.


Vanesssa Gabor

Senior Project Manager

Motivated, creative and results driven, Vanessa has demonstrated a track record of building and fostering professional relationships.


Her skills in business development, strategic thinking, planning, market trends and social media platforms makes her an asset to any project. 



"We customize a social media plan for your business and create the content your audience wants."

We’ll develop your plan with a 1-2 punch.


  • Identify your ideal client/audience 

  • Discover where, when, why, and how your ideal client/audience is currently engaging on social media.

"When your business is an answer to customer's problems, you’ll create a loyal and responsive community; and your business will grow."

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