7 Ideas for Content in a Pandemic

We are all adjusting to a new way of living during this pandemic. Businesses are moving quickly to expand into the virtual world to maintain current and continue to build new relationships with their clients and customers. Here are 7 ideas to transition your company into a virtual commodity.

#1 Poll your community.

Take a pulse, listen. What are your clients and customers doing to keep busy? What do they need? How are they connecting with each other? Ask yourself how you can provide some relief to their fears.

#2 Entertain!

Express yourself! Create short, lighthearted videos that speak to the pulse of your audience. Some businesses have scheduled virtual open houses and happy hours to stay connected.

Consider those in the community who have been quarantined for weeks and need something to make them smile. Offer a joke a day to extract the best medicine of laughter.

#3 Inform with video.

What are the most common questions or concerns you hear from clients and customers? Build an archive of frequently asked questions and respond to them with video. Keep yourself in front of your customers.

#4 Interactive virtual meetups.

Quarantine can be lonely so virtual coworking is on the rise. Open virtual office hours via Zoom or Skype so current clients and future customers can drop by.

Virtual book clubs are also a relaxing way to connect and share things you are learning.

#5 Facebook live interviews.

What businesses do you partner with on a regular basis? Who has a perspective and industry knowledge that you respect and admire? Schedule time with colleagues and engage in relevant conversations via Facebook Live.

#6 Inspiration.

Storytelling and motivational quotes help all of us keep our heads on straight during uncertain times. Inspire your audience with uplifting soundbytes and long-form blog posts.

#7 Feature a local business, partner, or colleague.

If you could leave the house and visit your favorite businesses, where would you go? Who would you see? Feature a local service, community member, or product to support businesses during this time of hardship.

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