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Five fast content ideas for your business’ social media

One of the things that we often hear from our clients is that they have trouble coming up with enough content ideas. So, we decided to put together a quick list of easy-peasy ideas for when you’re at a loss for things to post.


Customer reviews can be a gold mine for content. Using a customer’s own words to support your product or service is powerful. Take a look at your reviews on your Facebook page, search your company name on Twitter, take a look at your yelp page. Not only are you getting great, authentic content, but you’re also showing your customers that you are listening.

Question/polling your audience

This option is great because it offers 2 solutions with one post. First you get some great content that your audience are likely to participate in if it’s something they feel strongly about. Second, you get great insight into your audience. They are literally telling you what they want from you. And that’s a powerful tool.

Reaction video – events, industry news

Your phone can be your best asset for social media content. Whenever you attend a conference, hear of breaking news in your industry, or even just out and about, you can hop on your phone and shoot a quick video. Let your audience know what your biggest takeaway is and what that means for them. This content is engagement gold. Added bonus, video performs very well across most platforms.

Address common customer question/issue

Remember that poll idea? You can take the responses and craft messaging to address them. Handy right? Let’s look at some other ways you can solicit customer feedback. Do you have a newsletter? Consider putting a regular survey into the newsletter. Then create content in response to the outcome. Do a quick Twitter search around your product or service. See what people are talking about. Create content to answer that.

Curated content

Use this sparingly but intentionally. Follow leaders in your industry. If they post content that you think answers a question or need for your audience, share it, retweet it, regram it. But be sure to give credit where credit is due by tagging them in your share. This will not only give your

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