How to Use Your Authentic Voice to Support Your Community

Black Lives Matter and if you have a business with social media, now is the time to speak up in support. Your clients and customers will take your lead because you have been a trusted resource to and for your community. If your industry is widely unresponsive to or oppressing human rights, then it needs changing. Think about what you can do to further progress of inclusivity in your industry by starting with your own business.

Silence speaks volumes, but it can be difficult to navigate what to say.

How Do I Show Support?

  • Review your company values. Speak from the heart of your business.

  • Be yourself and display authenticity. Now is the time for empathy and compassion.

  • Amplify black voices. Use your platform to call attention to black-owned businesses you support.

  • Stop worrying about labels and show up. If you are worried about losing business, revisit who your ideal client is.

What Not To Do

  • Don’t make it about you and your agenda. This is not a time to sell anything or overexaggerate how you personally feel.

  • Don’t pander. Empathy is your strongest tool.

  • Don’t stop with one message. Revisit your social media strategy to include ongoing support of our black communities.

Wear your heart on our sleeve. Support life.

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